Preparatory Faculty for foreign students is one of the most dynamically developing faculties of the university

Along with the Russian language international students study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, IT, Sociology, Engineering, Graphics, Biology, Economics, Social and Economic Geography, Marketing, Russian History, Russian Culture History, Russian Literature according to their field of study. Annually there are around 100-150 students from more than 44. The Faculty trains self-sponsored students as well as scholarship ones supported by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Goal of the Faculty

- to implement pre-university educational programs that enable foreign students to get a degree in SWSU or in any other Russian in future; to meet international students’ intellectual, cultural, moral needs for development.

Fields of Study

The Faculty trains students according to the required field of study (Economics, Humanities, Engineering, Natural Sciences, and Medicine). As a result the students receive a certificate that gives the right to enter any Russian university.

Engineering Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Geometry, IT, Russian studies
Medicine and Biology Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Russian studies
Natural Sciences Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geometry, Russian studies
Economics Russian Language, Mathematics, Economics, Russian studies
Humanities Russian Language, Social studies, History, Literature

Educational process

The duration of the Preparatory course ranges from one academic year to an academic year and a half. Students who would like to study for one year and a half have to arrive in Kursk in the beginning of March. Those who are interested in a one-year programme can start their course between September and December. Each group consists of 10-12 students.

Contact us

Office 712, 94 50 let Oktyabrya street, Kursk, Russia, 305040
Tel. +7 (4712) 50-47-99


Foreign students who have undergone a complete secondary education and have received a visa for study at SWSU can be enrolled at the Preparatory Faculty. Examinations are not required. The commission takes into consideration students' documents.