International Student Department

The goals of International Student Department

The goals of International Student Department are

  • To attract international students to study at SWSU
  • To organize and promote international students’ admission
  • To provide international students with social, educational and psychological support
  • To help students with their initial immigration enquiries from visas to immigration cards
  • To ensure that students and the University remain in compliance with federal policy and law within the Russian Federation Customs and Immigration Services.
  • To provide document support concerning the studies of international students
  • To broaden collaboration with academic and non-academic SWSU departments to tackle problems related to international students
  • To participate in international scientific and educational activity, to strengthen SWSU activity in the field of international scientific and educational services
  • To organize extra-curricular activities of international students
  • To represent international students in the administration of SWSU and other institutions including social care/protection

Important Information for International Students

Rules of stay for international students in Russia

  1. An international student shall provide documents for migration registration to Department of International Cooperation (auditorium Г-716) within three days after entering the Russian Federation and arriving in Kursk in the following cases:
  • at the first entry to the Russian Federation (RF);
  • at each re-entry RF (after returning from the homeland or travelling to another country);
  • upon return from a trip to other cities of RF (for travel of more than 7 days);
  • when changing the address of residence.
  1. An international student must complete migration registration in the other city (in a hotel where he resides temporarily or at private residences) in case of travelling throughout RF and provide a notification of migration registration upon return to Institute of International Education in Kursk.
  2. An international student must apply with a written application for a trip in the following cases:
  • when travelling to other cities of RF;
  • when travelling outside RF (homeland or another country).
  1. In accordance to the law of RF, an international student must always carry his passport, visa, migration card, notification of migration registration. An international student must present the documents upon request by a police officer.
  2. An international student should stay at the place of temporary residence in Kursk (migration registration).
  3. An international student must notify Institute of International Education when changing the place of residence within one day.
  4. An international student should respect the legislation of RF and comply with the internal rules of the University.
  5. An international student whose passport expires (less than 1.5 years) is required to extend it or to exchange with a new one and submit it to Institute of International Education.
  6. An international student must apply for extending of a multiple-entry study visa 21 working days prior to the expiration of the previous visa.
  7. An international student must purchase a health insurance policy.
  8. After graduation an international student is required to leave RF within the deadline set by the University administration (30 days after graduation).
  9. After being expelled from the University, an international student must apply for a transit visa and leave the territory of the Russian Federation.
  10. In the case of labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation an international student SWSU is required to have a work permit or a patent, with the exception of foreign students who work in their free time in those educational institutions where they study or during vacation time.
  11. An international student can work only on the territory of the subject of the Federation where he studies and in the specialty specified in the work permit.
  12. Animosity on religious beliefs is forbidden.

Strictly prohibited

  1. Possession, use and transfer of narcotic drugs.
  2. Drinking alcohol in the dormitory, returning to the dormitory drunk.
  3. Smoking in University buildings and dormitories, except for designated areas.
  4. Return to the dormitory after 23.00 without good cause.
  5. Appearing in public places in a state of intoxication.


  1. In case of a criminal situation contact the police station immediately.
  2. Going for a walk, try not to take a large sum of money.
  3. At the concluding lease agreements with the owners of the apartment, try to get full information about them.
  4. Do not invite strangers and unfamiliar people into your place.

Responsibility of international students:

For violation of the rules of stay in the Russian Federation the following interventions can be applied to foreign citizens by the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kursk region:

According to the code of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, the violation of the rules of stay (residence) by the foreign citizen in the Russian Federation such as the violation of the established rules of entry into the Russian Federation or the absence of the documents confirming the right to stay (residence) in the Russian Federation, or the loss of the above documents, nor requesting their loss to the relevant body, or non-compliance with the established order of registration, movement or the procedure of choosing the residence, the evasion of departure from the Russian Federation after the end of a certain period of stay, and exactly in non-observance of rules of transit moving through the territory of the Russian Federation, leads to administrative measures as the penalty with administrative expulsion out of the Russian Federation or without that.