The first Russian graduation

The preparatory faculty for foreign citizens of South-West state University has again brought together many representatives of different cultures. At the beginning of the week, 90 students from 26 countries celebrated their first Russian graduation.

And it became the main exam for foreign students, because last year such a graduation is held in the format of a reporting concert.

— This format was appreciated by all: the staff of the University and the students themselves, — says the Director of the Institute of international education Dmitry Titov. — This is a real holiday, which becomes a logical continuation of training. Foreign students get acquainted with our culture in order to perform adequately at their graduation. All the more, in this graduation there are very strong guys. What to say if in the classroom there were disputes about where to put a comma. It is interesting that this year we had a sufficient number of children from the countries of the former USSR. So, we have trained guys from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, who did not know the Russian language. They did a good job and now can communicate in a new language.

In addition to the festive concert, at the graduation the choice of the king and Queen of the preparatory faculty was held. By secret voting determined the two winners: Zamaana Mohammad (Palestine) and Vargas-Tulsa Joyce Chantal (Ecuador). Already in the status of royalty they performed the traditional “white dance”.

It should be noted that since 2020, the preparatory faculty jf SWSU will be the only budget preparatory faculty in the region for foreign citizens. In April this year, the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation published the order on the 2020/2021 academic year, according to which there was determined a list of universities that have the right to education of foreign students at the preparatory faculty in the framework of the quota allocated by the Government of the Russian Federation. SWSU is also among them.

The press service of the SWSU

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