We ♥ SWSU!

On October 31, five groups of foreign students from the preparatory faculty of the SWSU (PF-87, PF-01, PF-02, PF-03 and PF-04) took part in the quest game “We love SWSU!”.

The teams prepared for this interesting and challenging competition in advance: foreign students, along with their supervisors, walked around the SWSU territory, found out where the health center, library, canteen, swimming pool, sport complex, etc. are located.

Each team received an envelope with an individual task, where there were photos of those places on the territory of the SWSU that they had previously read. In each photo, an element that needed to be solved was encrypted, next to which it was necessary to take a picture. Students sent the results of their searches in the form of creative “selfies” to judges using the “WhatsApp” application. In addition, at each stage of the route for the correct execution of the task, the team received a fragment of the phrase “We love SWSU!”. After receiving all the fragments, the students were able to assemble a puzzle and take a photo with the words “We love SWSU!”.

The “True Friends” team (PF-87 group, curator N.P. Shulgina) better, faster and more original than all coped with the task and deservedly became the winner of the competition.

Everyone – the winners, and those who failed to come up first – received prizes with the symbolics of the SWSU, and besides, got to know each other more closely, they began to better navigate in the new world of themselves, called SWSU, they received a charge of cheerfulness and good mood!

We love you, SWSU!


N.V. Belyaeva, K.A. Rudaya

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